The luxurious and gorgeous like Japanese cuisine
and Teppanyaki based the Theory of Yin-Yang
and the Five Elements.
Please enjoy excellent time
in an underground space for the matured at AKASAKA.

the Theory of Yin-Yang and the Five Elements is our way of thinking based five tastes,
five colors,five recipes,five temperature,five senses.
It’s one of the enjoyment some sweets and drinks take our sommelier,professional of japanese sake and patissier.


Chef of Japanese cuisine

After graduated TSUJI culinary school, he trained in Kobe Seishin oriental hotel as apprentice.And he worked in The Westin Osaka,Portia hotel KOBE for various Japanese restaurants. After that,he worked at Tsujiketeien(Kanazawa,Japan) and Mitakiso(Hiroshima,Japan) as head chef. He was appointed as the head chef of SHARI AKASAKA from opening in 2022. A gorgeous banquet on special days is his specialties. He has an excellent reputation as refined taste and a solid technique. “I serve the best dishes on your special day. Please come to enjoy authentic japanese..”

Chef of Teppanyaki
Makoto Fukui

1994,he entered to cooking world of French. He worked in Okayama royal hotel and Hotel Limani. After that,he was appointed as the head chef of some French restaurants of Fukuoka and Okayama. And he worked in “Teppanyaki MITAKI Sakurazaka” one of the most difficult to reserve restaurant in Fukuoka as the head chef. His specialty is customer service in front of counter,not only judgement of brand beef and the act of grilling. At last he moved to Tokyo from the main store in Fukuoka as the head chef of “Teppanyaki MITAKI” in SHARI AKASAKA. “Teppanyaki is the entertainment of dishes to enjoy with all five senses,not only tasting of dishes.Please come with precious or valuable parson.”


Three calm private rooms and
chef’s table of of japanese style meal.
Only counter of Teppanyaki floating luxury.

A suitable private room for a reception and chef’s table entertain you with conservation with our head chef.
Please select based on your mood that day.



Chef's recommended specials “The memorable taste”

While relaxing in the calm atmosphere, please enjoy the seasonal ingredients slowly.



B1F Akasaka Paul star building
20-6-3 Akasaka Minato-ku Tokyo
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[Opening hours]
Dinner 17:00~23:00 (Taking last orders 21:00)
We open year round.

TOKYO metro Chiyoda line Akasaka sta. 2-minutes walk from Exit1
TOKYO metro Akasakamitsuke sta. 4-minutes walk from Exit10
TOKYO metro Tameikesanno sta. 6-minutes walk from Exit7